How to Bet on Sports Online

Gone are the days when it was necessary to head to your local bookie in order to make a wager on sporting events.

Sports betting sites allow you to bet on every sport you could think of wagering on from Formula 1 to golf, and from Super Bowl to football.

All you have to do to get started is open an online sports betting account. Then, in order to make a wager:

Login to the sportsbook. All lines that are available for your chosen sport will be available in the middle of your screen. Select the sport of your choice from the main navigation menu.

Choose a game’s line, the line that you chose will appear on your betting ticket selection area. If your sports bet requires more than one game, continue to select as many games as you desire.

Choose which type of wager you would like to make, and enter an amount. This value can represent one of two different things. It can represent the risk amount, or the amount you want to win.

For example. If you were to “risk” £100, your payout is dependent on the odds of the bet. If you want to specify your payout, choose the “win” option. Then you must confirm your wager.

There are different types of wagers, but common types of sports betting wagers include:

● Straight Wagers
● Parlays
● Money Lines
● Half Time Wagers
● Teasers
● Propositions
● Futures

The wagering options that will be available to you will depend on the sports betting site and sport you are betting on.

You can bet on all the popular sporting events including but not limited to Football (NFL, NCAAF, CFL), Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, WNBA), Hockey, Soccer (European, North American and South American), Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Auto Racing (Indy Car, NASCAR, Formula 1), Baseball, Rugby, and Cycling.


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