Poker Etiquette

Here are two points of poker etiquette that players who have never stepped foot in a poker room may not know about.

First of all, make sure you avoid “slowrolling” other players, it is really bad etiquette. If you expect to have the winning hand then you should lay down your cards for your opponents to see. When you hesitate before revealing your hand, it can lead your opponent(s) into thinking they have the winner, and the players at your table won’t appreciate you acting in this manner.

When it comes to basic etiquette in poker, the second point that is worth mentioning is to make sure you always act in turn. Players are meant to act in a clockwise direction around the table starting with the player closest to the dealer’s left.

If you look at your hand knowing you have every intention to throw it in the muck, it is still important that you show interest and not to give away the fact you will be folding before it is your turn to act. By acting out of turn, it can give other active players still in the hand additional information.

For example, if they can see you are going to fold your hand, they may be more willing to make the call when they wouldn’t have otherwise based on the information you’ve given them. So as you can begin to imagine, acting when it’s not your turn to act can change the outcome of a hand.

It may seem like it’s not such a big deal, but as you progress in your poker education, you learn to fully appreciate why it is frowned upon in the game of poker and you will no doubt hate it when somebody does it to you.


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