Omaha High Poker – How to Play

You should know first that this poker variant is mainly played in “pot limit”, whereby players can bet up to the size of the pot during any betting round. Hence why Omaha is often referred to as PLO.

The game of Omaha High is very similar to Texas Hold’em. The basics of Pot Limit Omaha is that it’s a “community card” game. Just like Hold’em, there is a flop, turn and river, with a round of betting after each round.

At the beginning of a PLO game, each player gets 4 hole cards, and this means you usually need a stronger hand to take down the pot. The main difference between Omaha High and Texas Hold’em is that for the latter, there are only 2 hole cards that are dealt to each player.

Winning Omaha Poker Hand

In Omaha High, players must use a combination of 3 community cards, plus exactly 2 of the 4 hole cards they received before the flop is dealt to form the winning poker hand.

So, let’s take an example: Let’s say you get dealt A-K-Q-9 in your starting hand. If your hand does not improve on the “Flop”, “Turn” or on the “River”, what is its final value? Ace high.

Things can get tricky if you’re used to playing Hold’em when there are boards like those that contain 4 suited cards. In such a case, even if you have the suited Ace card in your hand, you need another card of the same suit to have the nut flush, because remember, you must use 2 of your hole cards. This is the most common mistake many beginner Omaha poker players make.

Although No Limit Hold’em is still the most popular poker variant played, Omaha is also very popular. Most online poker sites offer PLO both for cash games and tournaments; it is especially popular with European players.


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