High Roller Poker Players

Frequently taking part in high stakes poker games is what defines High Roller Poker Players. Some are already financially free and simply playing for that unique rush of adrenaline that only comes when big bucks are at stake; others are degenerate gamblers with no sense of risk / reward management. The bottom line is, whether rich or not rich, high roller poker players often posses a “go big or go home” mentality. If this is something you’d like to get yourself into, this article should equip you with a few tools that can save you from embarrassment or potential disaster.

Going back to my risk / reward mention earlier, you can have all the money in the world but losing still doesn’t feel good; that’s not why anyone plays high stakes poker. High roller poker players play to win and win big, but sometimes that means risking a whole lot. In order to keep your losses under control, try getting out when you have lost a few hands in a row to gather your thoughts. Taking a different approach to losses is the key to overcoming the ego.

If you lose a hand, think of it as “round 1 goes to your opponent(s)”. Take it one round at a time, and don’t allow previous hands to cloud your judgment on future hands.

High roller poker players have attained such a coveted status because they know how to control their emotions in high pressure situations. It is very important that you keep this point in mind as there will be tough times when you will wonder how things got so bad.

And, as always, never bet more than you can afford on any given hand. If you feel you have the skill to become a high roller but currently lack the funds, stay disciplined with smaller bets for a while until you work your way up the ladder.

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