Different Types of Poker Players

A very important aspect of successfully playing poker is having the ability to recognize your opponent’s playing styles. Generally speaking, they can be broken down into four main types of opponents: tight-passive (TP), tight-aggressive (TAG), loose-passive (LP), and loose-aggressive (LAG).


These players are also referred to as “rocks” or “nits” because they are waiting around for only premium hands to play. Such opponents will not put much money into the pot unless they have the nuts or close to it.


These players are “calling stations.” They are always wanting to see flops to try and catch something big, and if they make any kind of hand they will usually always call you down till the river. Hence, it’s not a very good idea trying to bluff such opponents. But you can make them really pay when you expect to have the best hand.


This is the style you will want to emulate early on in your poker career. It basically involves playing good starting hands especially when in position and betting aggressively to extract the maximum value from your hands.

Even though you’re playing a fairly tight range of hands, the players at the low stakes tables aren’t really paying much attention and will pay you off regardless. A tight image will also help you to make some bluffs.


These players are also referred to as maniacs, because they are constantly trying to pressure their opponents by making big bets and putting their opponents to the test.

Since these players are playing so many hands in can be more difficult putting them on a hand, but with that being said, it is also difficult making a hand when you are playing hands with such a high frequency. So you need to take a stand against them when you make a hand, or risk letting them run over you and the rest of the table.

The great thing about playing against these types of opponents is that because they play their hands so aggressively, they will do the betting for you, and when you make a hand, it’s not going to be difficult to win their entire stack.


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