What is High Stakes Blackjack?

For the majority of casino players, betting £100,000 or more on a single hand of blackjack is widely considered unfeasible. However, for the billionaire gamblers (also known as high rollers or whales), who can make or lose a few hundred thousand or even millions without worry, high stakes blackjack for them can easily be an everyday event as some are in it just for the adrenaline rush, win or lose.

So, what is High Stakes Blackjack like for online casinos? How do things change when going from a real live casino to a virtual room? It is basically the same as described in the above paragraph only on a lesser monetary scale. Instead of six figures, most online casinos that are high in popularity will label 4 to 5 figure bets to be high stakes blackjack. This is, again, because the majority of online players probably won’t have a few hundred thousand dollars to risk at a virtual table.

Many high rollers that bet large sums of money at high stakes blackjack tables do so for the better odds over games like roulette, poker and the vast majority of other casino games offered. These dangerously risky bets certainly are not for the financially challenged. Most players who are willing to risk £5,000+ in these high stake blackjack games are more than prepared to take a big loss and will not lose their financial stability if they do.

Whether you are just in it for the adrenaline rush or not, high stakes blackjack is definitely better played with a tried and trusted strategy in order to get the odds in your favor. The key is to reduce the house edge which will in turn increase your chances of coming away with the big score and / or protecting yourself from taking unnecessary big losses.

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