The Benefits of Being a Casino High Roller

Casinos players that possess a high net worth and frequently participate in high stakes games are considered whales, or as they are more commonly known, high rollers. As if having an overflowing bank account wasn’t enough, the benefits of being a casino high roller go even further. This article will touch on a few of those benefits.

For starters, high rollers contribute a lot of business for casinos and to lose just one due to bad service just isn’t acceptable. Because of this, whales enjoy the benefits of preferred service over the rest of the casino guests. This means that, even if service is backed up with a hundred people waiting, you bet the high rollers will be served first in all cases.

In order to keep the relationship strong between the casino and the high rollers, management often gives away freebies and special incentives like complementary hotel stays at the most luxurious facilities, high-valued gifts and high-class limousine service from the hotel to the casino (these are also known as comps).

Yes, the benefits of being a Casino High Roller run deep and are enough to make the average casino-goer just a bit jealous. However, being a high roller can backfire if an individual bets large sums of money and wins too often. This can potentially cost the casino millions of dollars and everybody knows that all casino owners make their living from the losses of players. In this instance, a high roller can actually be banned from entering the casino. So, if you are a high roller and you find yourself on a hot streak, I’m not saying stop winning; just to accept the fact that you may be asked to never return.

And there you have it: the benefits, and even a pitfall to watch out for, of entering a casino as a high net worth high roller.

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