Live Dealer Online Casino Games

The popularity of online casino sites has given rise to live dealer online casino games, which give the players the choice of playing the same traditional casino games, only online, but with a live dealer. So, even though the players get to play casino games from the comfort of their homes, they still get the feeling of being at the casino. In effect, it brings the Las Vegas gambling experience to your room.

It should go without saying that it is more fun to play with real life dealers. By paying professional casino dealers, an online casino can emulate the live games offered by brick and mortar casinos. This not only allows players to play live dealer games without stepping foot out of their homes, some gamblers are superstitious, and get the chance to sit down and play at tables when their favorite dealers happen to be dealing.

Even though from the point of view of the online casino it certainly costs more money to accommodate for live dealer online casino games, internet casinos have much lower operating costs, so they can afford to pay dealers in order to have live dealer games, since they are compensated by increased brand awareness and the excitement that surrounds live dealer casino games.

This is also why online casinos can offer very attractive free sign-up bonuses and other promotions to new players when compared to land based casinos. While land based casinos like the big ones in Las Vegas do offer comps to their players, you generally have to be a loyalty club member in order to take advantage of these comps.

Out of all the live dealer games you can find at an online casino, the most popular live casino game is without a doubt blackjack – also known as twenty one. But you should also easily find roulette and baccarat casinos that have live dealer games.


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