How To Play Bingo

A standard bingo card has 24 numbers and a single free space on a grid comprising of five rows and five columns.

In total there are 75 or 90 possible numbers that can be called in a single game and consequently this means that 24 out of the possible 75/90 numbers will be selected for each bingo game.

These numbers are used by everyone to see if the numbers on their card have been called. The caller continues calling numbers until someone yells bingo, or in the case of online bingo games, the number is drawn by the random number generator of the software.

Bingo can be achieved by completing one horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. These bingo patterns are typical of what you will find at a bingo hall. Different bingo games have different patterns that you can win with. Regardless, any bingo game will be easy and simple to learn.

Once a player calls bingo, the winning cards are checked and the winnings are paid to the player. If there are multiple winners, the prize money is split evenly between them.

Offline Bingo Vs Online Bingo

When you’re playing bingo on the internet, there can be some subtle differences in how each bingo game is played from what you might normally be used to.

Online bingo cards look similar to the cards you might buy at a live bingo hall, but one of the most notable differences between online bingo and offline bingo is that the player’s bingo cards are automatically chosen at random.

Also, there is no need to yell bingo although you can still do so much to the annoyance of your husband or others in the same room.

Finally, when playing online bingo games, the auto dauber feature will do all the work for you by marking off the numbers as they are called.


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