Bingo Terminology

If you are novice of bingo games, you will not be familiar with all the popular bingo words used by other players. It would be a good idea to increase your bingo vocabulary, since you will be more likely to know what they are talking about in chat rooms when using words such as these:

Bingo Board – An electronic board that is used to display the pattern required for a win. So if players missed a number it is possible for them to check the board for any number they might have missed.

Caller – The person who is announcing the bingo numbers coming out of the tumbler for the players.

Card – The card that is actually used by players to play bingo. It comprises of 25 squares on a 5×5 card with 5 numbers in each column and row. The square in the middle of the bingo card is used as “free space” but the rest of the squares are assigned numbers.

Early Bird Game – Refers to a bingo game that starts before the normal scheduled games.

Jackpot – The largest cash prize offered by the online bingo site, which is awarded to players for achieving a difficult pattern within a predetermined number of balls.

Minimum Buy-in – This is the minimum amount that players will have to invest in order to be eligible for cash prizes including the jackpots offered at online bingo websites and bingo halls.

Nine Pack – Nine numbers called on one card in the shape of a block.

Six Pack – Six numbers called on one card in the shape of a block.

T.E.D. – The electronic dauber is used at online bingo halls to allow players to play more than one bingo card at the same time.

Wrap Up – Refers to the last game of the session.


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